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Troffer System UL Certified

EcoTroff™ Troffer System

The world's first and only patented lighting system that drastically reduces operational costs while increasing flexibility.

Troffer Systems

Say Goodbye to Disparate, Wasteful & Costly Components.

EcoTroff™ is made up of three components only. Our patented design uses no ballast, no driver and no extra parts. When the time comes, just change the bulb not the entire unit.

EcoTroff Troffer System

Rugged Steel

EcoTroff Troffer System

Medium-base Socket

Plastic Lens

What Makes Us Different?

Avoid costly parts, permits and lack of lighting control with our fully interoperable troffer system that lasts a lifetime.


Utility patent granted & design patent pending

Worldwide PCT patent pending

Design patent granted

Design patent granted

Design patent granted

Available Products

EcoTroff™ 1x2 Linear Troffer System

1x2 Linear Troffer

1x4 Linear Troffer System

1x4 Linear Troffer

2x2 Linear Troffer

2x2 Linear Troffer

2x4 Linear Troffer

2x4 Linear Troffer


1x2 Grow Troffer


1x4 Grow Troffer